Lisa E. Hutler

Lisa is an experienced fine artist with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. A skilled professional in art and design contemporary 2D works, art education, and museums; such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Hyde Park Art Center, Columbia College Chicago, and Water Street Studios, among other organizations.

She earned a BFA & CAE from the School of the Art Institute Chicago and worked in the Master’s program Columbia College Chicago in New Media and Storytelling. Her work spans from corporate planning to community initiatives in Chicago’s Southside. She has worked with the Gates Foundation, created and aligned with many artist collaborations (including Dawoud Bey’s,”The Chicago Project), and has helped lay the groundwork for non-profit humanities planning in an art’s integrated literacy program recognized by the Obama administration.

Lisa is mixed-media artist, educator, art curator, and visual stylist based in Chicago, Illinois.

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