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Deduct This Event: Money Management for the Self-Employed

April 15 is around the corner. Have you dealt with your taxes yet? Want to get in better financial shape this year? Join us Wednesday March 30 atBrooklyn Brewery, where “The Singing CPA” Steven Zelin, accountant to artists, creatives, and small businesses, will give sound advice on bookkeeping (like whether you can actually deduct this event and every Brooklyn Lager you down during it) and offer tax-time tips like filing an extension, and Galia Gichon from Down-to-Earth Finance will offer three financial strategies for the self-employed, including planning for retirement, dealing with debt head-on, and creating a budget even when your income is variable. Plus, we’ll be giving away a copy of Gichon’s “My Money Matters Kit” to one lucky guest.

Deduct This Event: Money Management for the Self-Employed is our second Business and Pleasure event, a series of freelancer-centric workshops and networking opportunities hosted byBrooklyn Brewery.



Address: 79 N. 11th St.
Date: Wednesday, Mar. 30th, 2011
Details: 8-11 pm, $5 admission includes one free beer, $4 brews afterward. Kimchee and other snacks from Skimkim.

Posted on 02/28/11

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